No two students are alike. Before instruction begins, we meet with students to discuss what they want to learn and the unique challenges of their job environment. Once we understand their needs, we work with students to set achievable goals and create a series of lesson plans to help them get there.

Customized Instruction

Individual lessons are developed to address a range of skills needed in a work environment, which may include:

  • Speaking in meetings, in presentations, and on conference calls
  • Writing emails, formal presentations, and other job-related and personal documents
  • Reading articles in print and online, as well as business documents such as annual reports
  • Listening on the telephone and in person

Material for lessons comes from a wide variety of sources, including websites, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and videos. Students are encouraged to bring work-related projects to their lessons for discussion and review. All company information discussed during training is kept confidential, and the instructor returns to the student any company-specific materials used during the lessons.

Convenient Class Formats

Many students prefer one-on-one instruction because it allows for the greatest focus on a student's unique needs. It is also possible to work with students in pairs or small groups. To form a group, the students should be at similar levels of English proficiency. We can help students determine their current knowledge of English through an online proficiency test.

Lessons usually take place at the student's office or home. For students who are located outside of the northern New York City region, lessons may be delivered via phone or Skype.

Due to job demands, most students choose to have lessons once a week, although more frequent schedules may also be arranged. Each lesson is typically 60 to 90 minutes long, depending on the needs of the student.